Welcome to the gallery of my past works! This section displays some of the pieces I have made in the past, with a small description for each one. I will continually update this section as I create new and interesting pieces. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments about anything displayed in this gallery. I’d love to hear from you!

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White Mage Final Fantasy XI

I created this costume for a huge fan of the Final Fantasy video games, who planned to wear it to a concert featuring music from the series. It consists of a tunic, mantle, hat, decorative belt and belt pouch, mittens, boot spats, and custom painted shoes. My client and I discussed the elements of this costume at length, and designed this version based on his personal preferences. The tunic is made of wool, with leather on the underside of the sleeves. It features extensive applique work, and custom embroidery on the sleeves. The gold elements on the tunic are made of leather, which I airbrushed with a gold leather paint to give it a metallic shine. The mantle is made of wool, with custom embroidery on the hem, and hand-made gold silk cording on the hood edge. The boot spats are made of wool and leather, with gold metal decorative studs. The mittens are made of wool and leather, with gold silk cording separating the two fabrics. The hat is wool, with gold silk cording. The hat in the game features ear flaps and a small brim, but my client decided to change the design and leave those elements out on his costume. I made the belt from a strip of leather, which I custom-dyed and decorated with leather and metal accents. I custom painted shoes with leather paint as per my client's design.

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Padme Tatooine Dress

This costume is from Start Wars Ep.2. My client wore it to Star Wars Celebration. It is made of polyester jersey crepe knit, which I custom-dyed to the correct color. I lined the shirt and the top of the skirt with cotton twill to add structure to the slinky fabric. All of the swirls were hand-stenciled with silver textile paint. I custom-made the silver cording, and hand-painted copper edges onto all of the glass beads that decorate the waistline and back of the hood. The pattern for this costume was quite tricky!

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This costume is Merida's dress from the movie “Brave”. It is made of silk noil, and the bodice is lined with heavy cotton for support. I custom-digitized the embroidered design on the pouch with Merida's family crest. The chemise under the dress is made of cotton broadcloth. The quiver is made of leather, and hand-tooled with Celtic knotwork.

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Molecule Man

This costume is a classic super villain from Marvel Comics. It is made of cotton broadcloth, with stiff interfacing inside of the lightning bolt on the chest. The belt and the arm bands are made of leather, and finished with a high gloss leather paint that matches the color of the fabric.

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Battlestar Galactica

This uniform is a recreation of the character Admiral Adama's costume in the TV show Battlestar Galactica. It is made of polished upholstery cotton, and lined in cotton broadcloth. The red cording is made of leather, which I custom painted. There is also a second row of metallic cording on top of the leather cording. The buttons on this costume were purchased from the same company that provided the buttons for the original TV costumes. The dark accents on the shoulders are made of suede. I custom painted the plastic buckles on the belt and the sleeves.

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“Ranger Boots” Slippers

I made these slippers for a client who wanted to give them as a gift to a friend who loves a video game in which “ranger boots” were a prop that his character had. She wanted me to make comfortable slippers that he could wear while playing the game. They are made of suedecloth, with a fleece lining. The bottom sole is made of suede leather.

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    Lily Munster

This costume was created for the hostess of a large Halloween party. It is made of polyester crepe and polyester chiffon. I self-lined the dress with the same fabric. I couldn't find an appropriate very light pink color, so I custom dyed the fabrics. The sleeves were a tricky design- they wrap from the front of the arms to the back and form a sort of cape. The neckline is decorated with a strip of chiffon ribbon, with rickrack trim at the edges. The dress is gathered at the torso with bias-cut satin strips. An additional set of satin ties form a belt at the front of the dress.

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Arwen Undomiel

This costume is a recreation of one of Arwen's dresses from the Lord of the Rings movies. It has two layers- a long sleeved under dress, and a sleeveless over dress. I custom dyed all of the fabrics for this costume, with the exception of the paisley brocade on the upper sleeves. The body of the dress and the huge half-circle sleeves are made of silk velvet, and the sleeves are lined in silk twill. The upper sleeves are made of brocade with a black and gold paisley motif. This paisley fabric was also used to create the thin band that borders the neckline of the outer dress. I custom tinted the wide gold trim, and also the gold cording that accents the sleeves, so that it would blend into the look of the overall costume. All of the wide gold trim had to be hand-applied, so that the stitches would remain invisible.


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Wild West Ensemble

I made this ensemble for a LARPer who was playing in a Wild West game in France. He wanted his costume modeled after a character in the TV show Deadwood. The cotton homespun trousers have pockets, a pocket watch pocket hidden in the waistband, and buttons for suspenders. The bib-front shirt is made of cotton homespun, and has small button cuffs at the wrists. The vest is made of wool, and has four welted pockets, which I carefully matched to the rest of the fabric design while inserting them. Finally, I made a cotton homespun bandana, so my client could hide his face if necessary while LARPing as a bandit.

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Dumbledore 2

I made this costume as a budget-friendly version for someone who admired the other Dumbledore costume in this gallery. She didn't have the budget for a perfect recreation, so I worked within her means to create this costume. The under robe is made of cotton broadcloth, with a trimmed upholstery jacquard yoke. The over robe is made of self-lined cotton broadcloth. I hand-painted all of the details on the costume, so they would resemble embroidery, and also added some decorative stitches to the yoke. I created the center chest medallion by hand pleating some cotton fabric, and trimming the edges. The hat is made of jacquard, with custom-painted trim, and a decorative tassel.

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    General Zod

This is a recreation of General Zod's silly costume from Superman 2. My client had quite a sense of humor about this retro look! He wore it to Dragon*Con. It's made of cotton broadcloth, with vinyl accents. The pants have hidden pockets in the side seams. My client provided his own boots and his own megalomania.

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GoT-inspired Dress

I made this costume for a client who admired one of the Oleena Tyrell costumes from Game of Thrones, but didn't want an exact duplicate. She really liked the shaping of the coat, so I used the same method as the original costume to shape the bodice with vertical panels instead of the traditional method of using darts. It's made of satin jacquard, and fully-lined. I added a large metallic flower accent on the front of the bodice as a homage to the original character's rose-shaped belt. The flowing skirt is made of silk noil, and has an elastic waistband.

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