This costume is a recreation from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. It is without a doubt one of the most complicated things I have ever made! It is comprised of three parts- a long-sleeved under robe, a matching middle robe, and a lighter outer robe. The inner robe is made of silk ottoman, with a jacquard yoke. I custom-dyed the silk ottoman, the yoke fabric, the striped hand-made cording, and the brush trim at the bottom of the yoke. All of the embroidery on the yoke and sleeves was custom-digitized. The medallion on the chest is made of pleated cotton, with trimmed details. The middle robe is made of silk twill, which I dyed to match the inner silk ottoman. It has a pointed back drape, with hand-painted details. It is entirely edged in custom-dyed cotton brush trim. The front fastens with a gold ball and toggle set. The outer-most robe is made of custom-dyed silk noil. It is the same design as the middle robe, but features hand-painted details on the front edges and back hem. My client chose all of the fabrics and colors for this project.
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