I created this costume for a huge fan of the Final Fantasy video games, who planned to wear it to a concert featuring music from the series. It consists of a tunic, mantle, hat, decorative belt and belt pouch, mittens, boot spats, and custom painted shoes. My client and I discussed the elements of this costume at length, and designed this version based on his personal preferences. The tunic is made of wool, with leather on the underside of the sleeves. It features extensive applique work, and custom embroidery on the sleeves. The gold elements on the tunic are made of leather, which I airbrushed with a gold leather paint to give it a metallic shine. The mantle is made of wool, with custom embroidery on the hem, and hand-made gold silk cording on the hood edge. The boot spats are made of wool and leather, with gold metal decorative studs. The mittens are made of wool and leather, with gold silk cording separating the two fabrics. The hat is wool, with gold silk cording. The hat in the game features ear flaps and a small brim, but my client decided to change the design and leave those elements out on his costume. I made the belt from a strip of leather, which I custom-dyed and decorated with leather and metal accents. I custom painted shoes with leather paint as per my client's design.
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