This costume is a recreation of one of Arwen's dresses from the Lord of the Rings movies. It has two layers- a long sleeved under dress, and a sleeveless over dress. I custom dyed all of the fabrics for this costume, with the exception of the paisley brocade on the upper sleeves. The body of the dress and the huge half-circle sleeves are made of silk velvet, and the sleeves are lined in silk twill. The upper sleeves are made of brocade with a black and gold paisley motif. This paisley fabric was also used to create the thin band that borders the neckline of the outer dress. I custom tinted the wide gold trim, and also the gold cording that accents the sleeves, so that it would blend into the look of the overall costume. All of the wide gold trim had to be hand-applied, so that the stitches would remain invisible.
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