Welcome to the gallery of my past works! This section displays some of the pieces I have made in the past, with a small description for each one. I will continually update this section as I create new and interesting pieces. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments about anything displayed in this gallery. I’d love to hear from you!

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Elven Archer

I made this costume for a client who plays an elven archer in a LARP. We discussed her ideas, and I provided some sketched designs, from which we developed the final look. She specifically requested the Celtic knots that were incorporated into the design, as they hold personal significance to both herself and her character. The outer dress is made of leather, with a cotton twill lining. The Celtic appliques are made of leather. I painted the silver edging onto the dress with textile paint, and sewed a thin silver trim along the border of the silver paint to help define the change in color. The blouse that is worn beneath the dress is made of linen, and has a high collar with a interesting scoop-shaped front opening. The pants are made of feather wale corduroy in a dark olive green color. They have faux lacing down the sides of the legs.

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Wood Grain Leather Mask

This mask was created for a client who was attending a masquerade ball within her LARP. She requested the wood grain texture, and also asked me to incorporate a raven's feather into the design. It is made of leather, which was tooled to resemble wood grain, and then molded on a facial armature mold. A leather feather hangs from one side of the mask. Gold rivets add a decorative element along the border, and a suede lining makes it comfortable to wear. The mask ties on with ribbons that are attached to tabs on the back of the mask. The most challenging aspect of this piece was tooling the wood grain in such a way that it read clearly on such a small surface area.

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Child Wood Elf

The client who ordered this costume wanted me to recreate the adult wood elf costume in my gallery into a child's size for her little girl. In order to keep it washable, I made the bodice out of cotton corduroy and textured cotton twill, with a cotton twill lining. The bodice also features suede cloth accents at the shoulders and leaf shaped ones along the back of the neck, and a moon phases applique on the back. The underdress is made of pin-tucked cotton and suede cloth, and has tabs on the sides with eyelets for lacing. The skirt is made from 4 panels of suede cloth that are shaped like leaves, with leaf appliques on the hems.


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Elven Winter Coat

This coat was created for a LARPer who wanted a warm winter coat to wear at her events. It is made of faux wool melton (my client is allergic to real wool), with a Thinsulate inner layer, and satin lining. My client and I discussed her design ideas and needs, and I provided sketches from which she approved a final design. It features side pockets, a hidden inside pocket, an over-sized hood, back lacing, and belled sleeves. The lower sleeves close with button tabs, so she can wear them open or closed, depending on the weather. It also has some button straps at the waist, in order to hold pouches, weapons, etc.

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Moonlight Fantasy Overdress

I made this overdress for a LARPer who was attending a masquerade event at her game. She wanted her character to be “garbed in moonlight”, so she chose dark grey dupioni silk with lighter grey accents for her fabrics. The lower sleeves are made of silk chiffon. The back train features a large complicated applique. I custom made all of the silk bias tape that bind the edges of the skirt. My client wore this overdress over a velvet under dress that she already owned.

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Women's LARP Belt

This wide belt was created for a LARPer who wanted a female kidney belt that would hold all of her necessities at her game. It is made of 7-9 oz. veg tanned leather, and has a thinner buckled belt that holds it in place. I molded the wide belt over a plaster corset mold to give it its hourglass shape. It has 2 pouches, 2 weapon or mug straps, and a leather map/scroll case. All of the accessories are removable, so she can carry what she needs for each event.


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Leather 3 Ring Mini Binder

I made this mini binder for a client who wanted to be able to carry a small book to jot down thoughts and ideas on a daily basis. It is made of upholstery leather on the outside, with veg tanned leather on the inside. It has a mini 3 ring binder on the inside, so he can refill it as necessary. There is a pocket on the inside to hold index cards, and an elastic strap to keep it closed. This is my first attempt at any type of book making, and I'm happy with the way it turned out.


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