I made this wedding dress for a good friend of mine after she and her fiancée flattered me into sewing it. (I was quite nervous about making a wedding dress!) It took me months to complete, and was a valuable learning experience for me. The front panel is made of tapestry fabric decorated with an Art Nouveau William Morris Rose design. I bought the fabric while on vacation in Ireland, and lugged it home in my suitcase. I quickly learned that tapestry fabric is quite heavy! The body of the dress is Dupioni silk, and the sleeves are organza. I made all of the cording between the seams from the silk dress fabric. Since the dress has no shoulder support to help carry its weight, I heavily boned the bodice with an inter-liner for invisible structure and support. The inter-liner is located between the outer dress fabric and the liner, and has casings to hold the boning for the bodice to prevent visible seams on the outside of the dress. The entire wedding dress is lined with crepe-backed satin. All of the Swarovski lead-crystal pearls and rhinestones on the front panel were applied by hand. This dress was my first attempt at hand beading, and I am very happy with the end results.
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