Welcome to the gallery of my past works! This section displays some of the pieces I have made in the past, with a small description for each one. I will continually update this section as I create new and interesting pieces. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments about anything displayed in this gallery. I’d love to hear from you!

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Wood Elf

This costume was created for a customer who plays in a Live Action Role Playing game. Her character is an elf, and she requested the color scheme. The fully-lined bodice is made of leather with hand-painted gold details. The under dress and under skirt are suede cloth and cotton with leather leaf details.
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Leather Cincher

I made this cincher to use as a costume piece at my local Renaissance Faire. It is meant to be worn around the waist instead of a bodice or corset. It is hand-tooled with Celtic knot work designs and hand-dyed.
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Paprika Silk Corset

This corset is made of dupioni silk in a pretty paprika color. It is lined with two layers of heavy cotton canvas, and boned with spring steel. It laces in both the front and back for a perfect fit. I custom-dyed the laces to coordinate with the bright color of the silk, and hand-made the bias tape that finishes the top and bottom edges.

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Blue Pirate

The customer who ordered this costume wanted a “governor-turned-pirate” sort of look. He wore this costume with a powdered wig and golden eye patch! The coat is made of woven jacquard with a dupioni silk liner in neutral beige. It has working pockets, decorated with buttoned flaps. The vest is heavy tapestry fabric, and I took great care to make both sides, as well as the back of it, symmetrical. The pants are made of ultra suede with silk lining, and the shirt is cotton. The removable jabot consists of six layers of hand-gathered lace, and buttons at the back of the neck. The wrists of the shirt are finished with lace to match the jabot, and button with the same buttons as the coat.
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Gold Pirate

This pirate costume was for a lady who wanted a little bit of a feminine touch to a traditionally male style. I made the coat in a bold gold and green jacquard with a dupioni silk liner in contrasting rust color. The entire coat was cut out one piece at a time, in order to make it perfectly symmetrical. The back of the coat has a pleated flap for extra flare. The bodice is lightly boned for support, and is worn instead of a traditional male vest. The ultra suede pants have an elastic waist for comfort and ease of wear. The blouse is made of crinkle cotton, and has elastic channels in the sleeves that sit above the elbows for a puffy layered look. The removable jabot consists of 3 layers of hand-gathered lace, and buttons behind the neck.
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Cream Pirate

After seeing the other pirate costumes I made, my boyfriend requested that I make him one as well. He wanted his to look like one of the characters in the History Channel Special, “Black Beard- Terror at Sea”. I must admit- I had doubts about the color scheme, but I think it really came together well, and he gets endless compliments on it! The coat is made of chenille upholstery fabric, and lined with cotton twill. The buttons and trim are faux leather. His shirt is linen, with loosely gathered sleeves and a loop-and-button neck closure. The vest is woven cotton with a striped design. The pants are made from a cotton blend, and button below the knee. He wears this costume with knee socks and buckled shoes.
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Pirate Hats

I have made a number of these hats, but these are the only ones I have pictures of. These two were created to match the gold and blue pirate costumes in this gallery. The green hat is made of wool felt, and trimmed with a wide woven trim to match the gold in the jacquard of the coat. The blue hat is made of the same jacquard as its matching coat. Both hats are lined with satin.
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Queen of Hearts Dress

My good friend designed this “Queen of Hearts” dress, and commissioned me to make it for her. It is made of red jacquard with crepe backed satin sleeves, and faux fur trim along the hem and wrists. The transparent upper sleeves are made of organza, with opaque velvet ribbon stripes. The front skirt flap is gold and black satin. The attached overskirt is chiffon, and is gathered with elastic casings to form scallops. At the end of each scallop, there is a small stuffed heart made of red satin. All of the fur trim was applied by hand. This dress has an accompanying crown, which is also displayed in this gallery.
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Queen of Hearts Crown

This crown is an accessory for the Queen of Hearts Dress that is also in this gallery. It is made of aluminum rods, which were shaped and welded together. The band is finished with satin ribbon and velvet. The crystals are Swarovski rhinestones, and the heart on the top is Czech glass.
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Musician’s Doublet

This costume was given to a musician friend who performed at a Midsummer Night’s Dream party that my friend and I held over the summer. The doublet features removable long sleeves and cording between the seams. The accompanying shirt is made from cotton, and features small ruffles at the wrists and metallic threads that run the length of the fabric.
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Harpist’s Dress

I created this dress for a musician friend who performed at a Midsummer Night’s Dream party that my friend and I held over the summer. It features 4 inset panels on the skirt and an overskirt with coins and beaded trim. The cotton blouse has rows of elastic shirring for a perfect fit. The cording on the bodice and skirt is custom-made from the skirt fabric to match the rest of the costume. I made the jewelry from beads taken from the beaded trim on the overskirt.
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Renaissance Faire Bag

I made this bag as a gift for one of my favorite musicians, Heather Alexander. (Please check out her website in my links section!) It is made from raw silk with leather appliqué work and glass beads. The lining is cotton. All of the appliqués and beads were applied by hand, as were the Swarovski rhinestones in the background section of the center panel. I also made the leather button for the flap closure.

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