This costume is a recreation of the costume worn by the character Abel Nightroad from the anime Trinity Blood. I made all of the fabric layers, and my good friend Brian Healy made the shoulder armor. It has a priest's cassock, cape, and stole; plus two belts, gloves, and brass neck and wrist cuff pieces. The cassock and cape are made of cotton twill, and the stole is made of satin. All of the metal decorative elements are made of brass. The cassock buttons up the front with tiny hidden buttons. The bottom hem of the cape is decorated with a two-layer appliqué made of shantung satin. I turned the fabric 90 degrees for one of the layers of the appliqué for a three-dimensional effect. The stole has a bright red appliqué of shantung satin, which is embellished with gold trim. I custom silk-screened the red crosses onto the cotton gloves. The armor is made of vacuum-formed plastic, which was custom-sculpted and painted.

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