I toyed with the idea of this bag in my mind for several months before creating it. I thought it would be interesting to separate the leaves of the tree from the branches by placing them on two separate layers. This approach gives the finished pouch a great deal of dimension. The leaves of the tree are attached to the closing flap of this pouch, so the entire piece creates a complete composition. The bag is made of uncut cotton corduroy, with a wool tree appliqué. The leaves of the tree are made of the same corduroy, but they are cut across the grain of the fabric for a difference in texture. I appliquéd the leaves to a burgundy wool before applying them for an extra splash of color, and to prevent them from fraying. The sides of the bag are made of the same brown wool as the tree trunk, and trimmed with burgundy wool to match the outer edges of the leaves. The lining is made of cotton twill for stability and durability. A button hidden under the tree leaves securely fastens it closed. I chose the colors for this bag to represent the richness of summer.
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