This was from a set of Monsters University costumes that I made for a family who wanted matching Halloween costumes. This is a child-sized costume. The character in the movie is 2 headed, so naturally the wearer was one of the heads, and I made a puppet head for the other one. The puppet head is made of foam, and covered in fleece. I painted the eye onto the inside of a large clear round ball, and built it into the puppet. The head affixes onto a shoulder harness that I made by molding thermo plastic over a body form, and adding straps and a pole for the neck of the puppet. I also made a set of faux arms, and a 4-armed, 2-necked sweater. The sweater was custom dyed. The tentacles are made of polyfil-stuffed fleece, with heavy duty wire on the inside to shape them. They are all bound on the top by an elastic waistband. I airbrushed the stripes onto them, and made matching fleece pants to wear underneath. Finally, I made a horned headband for the wearer, that matched the horn style of the puppet head.
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