This costume is a recreation from a comic book in which Supergirl turns evil and teams up with the villain Darkseid. There are two versions of this costume- the original comic book version, and a simplified animated version. My client and I discussed both versions, and combined the elements she liked from each one to create the final costume design. The pants are made of spandex, with black Swarovski rhinestone accents. I covered a bra with leather-look spandex, and added eyelets and the cape attachment pieces. The cape is made of holographic spandex. I used flesh-toned spandex in-between leather-look spandex to create the armbands, since they had to be able to carry the weight of the cape, yet still look like three separate black straps on each arm. The necklace is made of acrylic “tooth” pieces, with hand-sculpted resin caps and a hand-sculpted resin center bead. The spike pieces that hang from the forearms are made of latex-covered foam, and hang from gathered spandex straps.
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