This bridal gown was created for a fantasy wedding. The bride designed her own dress, and I worked from her sketches to make it. I custom dyed all of the dupioni silk that this dress required, except for the accent fabric used for the pockets and jacket sash. It is comprised of 6 pieces- 2 long skirts with ruffles on the bottom (the inner most one is white), one star-shaped ¾ length skirt with silver trim, a white peasant-styled blouse, a steel-boned corset, and a tailed jacket. She wanted it in separate pieces so that she could mix-and-match them later for different events. The entire ensemble is decorated with various colors of Swarovski rhinestones and beads. The jacket has star-shaped pockets, epaulettes, and a large decorative bow in the back. The button holes on the jacket are surrounded by a appliques of comet tails, which are finished when the jacket is closed by the star-shaped buttons down the front. This dress required 55 yards of fabric!
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