This costume was a challenge, as the original in the Lord of the Rings movies was very complicated and beautifully made. My client requested a black and silver version, instead of the white movie version. It consists of 4 pieces- trousers that are not seen, a double-sleeved under robe, a sleeveless over robe, and a decorative belt. The trousers were made from cotton twill. The body of the under robe was made from wool flannel, with a silk brocade yoke with attached collar. I custom-made the frog closures on the yoke from flat silver ribbon. The fitted under sleeves were made of a diamond-patterned chenille jacquard, which I hand decorated with hundreds of small silver studs. The wrists were finished with silk dupioni piping. The huge over sleeves were made of silk brocade, and were self-lined, so that the cuff could be turned back at the wrist. This under robe laced up the back with grommets. The over robe was made of wool flannel, and consisted of many pieces, which were defined by silk dupioni piping in the seams. The front trim was made of silk brocade, which I first stenciled with a silver textile paint, and then hand-applied silver satin cord to achieve the correct look. The belt was made of silk brocade, with silver embroidered appliques on the front, and silver cord for the front “lacing”. I unwound and braided the silver cord to mimic the original. The belt laced up the back with grommets.
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