I made these lekku to go with the Eleena Daru costume, which is also listed in my gallery. (The white fabric sticking out of the back in the photos was part of the head mannequin- not the lekku.) They are made of silicone over a base of foam and spandex. My client requested that they be relatively lightweight, and able to stretch to accommodate multiple head sizes. Therefore, I started by making a spandex cap similar to a swim cap. I added some foam padding to the back of the cap, and then covered it in another layer of spandex. I made the L-shaped portions that connect to the head out of high density foam, which I sculpted with a hot wire tool. Then, I made sleeves to go over the tentacle pieces, and filled the ends of the sleeves with styrofoam micro beads. I added some cast silicone end caps onto each tentacle, and then sewed each to the head cap. Finally, I built up colored silicone by brushing it on layer by layer, until I was happy with the results. This was my first attempt at using silicone, and I learned a lot during the process. The final lekku weighed about 1 ¾ lbs. The headband is made of tooling leather, with cast resin accents. The ear nubs are made of silicone. I also added a padded roll of leather underneath the headband to hide the gap that is caused by the wearer's real ears.
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