This bag is one of four, which I made to display in the art show at Lunacon 2009. I wanted my bags to be functional, yet still individual pieces of art. In other words, I wanted people to notice the picture first, and the bag second. This bag was inspired by my love of J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Hobbit”. In the background, dupioni silk creates the illusion of sky and water. A large mountain looms over the water, and a town sits in the foreground. The flap of the bag is shaped like puffy clouds, and a hand-painted button shows a red dragon aloft in the sky. The mountains are made of suede cloth and wool. The town is made of wool, with a linen dock jutting into the water. The under-lapping window appliqués in the buildings are made of a shiny yellow satin, and create a sense of depth with their bright color and shiny texture. The bag is lined with a mustard-colored cotton to contrast the overall blue color scheme on the exterior. The side gusset is made of the same mustard cotton, and finished with three rows of decorative stitching.
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