I made this costume as a gift for my best friend who plays an elf in a Live Action Role Playing game (LARP). The doublet is made of iridescent taffeta with extensive appliqué and beading work on the back. It buttons down the front with tabs that extend across the center front. The tree and crescent moon appliqués were cut and applied by hand, and trimmed with silver. The silver beads that form the leaves of the tree are Swarovski leaded glass crystal pearls, and the blue rhinestones that make up the stars in the sky behind the tree are also Swarovski crystal. All of the pieces that form the sleeves and lower panels of the doublet are faced with the taffeta from the outside of the garment for a finished look. The body of the doublet is lined with cotton for comfort. The undershirt of the costume is made from cotton that has vertical lines running the length of the fabric. I gathered the lower half of the sleeves into a diamond pattern by hand by stitching every other line together. Each knot on the sleeves is finished with a Swarovski Crystal glass bicone bead to match the rhinestones on the back of the doublet. The pants for the costume are made of a cotton and wool blend, and gather above the knee with a frog closure.
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