This costume was created for a lady who sold roses at my local Renaissance faire. She requested the color scheme, and asked that I create an outfit within the acceptable rules for Faire working attire. The shirt is made of textured cotton, and has an elastic neckline so it can be worn at different levels of modesty. The underskirt is a cotton blend herringbone weave, and the overskirt is a textured cotton blend. I created the different tiers of the overskirt to represent the leaves on a rose. The bodice is made of a textured green denim, and finished with cotton bias tape. The tabs on the bodice serve two purposes- they help cover the gap between the skirt and the shirt that often occurs with period clothing, and they make the bodice more comfortable by preventing it from digging into the waist. The hat is made from the same herringbone fabric as the underskirt, and lined with satin.
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