This elegant robe was made for a client's handfasting ceremony. It is made of 6 layers of silk chiffon in ever-lessening weights from the heaviest innermost layer, to the outside gauze-weight layers. In addition, it has two cape layers made of the lightest weight silk gauze available to me. The sleeves, shoulder caps, and collar are made of sand-washed sueded silk charmeuse. Even though each layer is translucent by itself, the overall garment is opaque due to the number of layers. I custom-dyed the fabric in a mottled dark moss green to represent my client's deity, the Goddess Hekate. The edges of the shoulder caps are adorned with a small silver trim, which was hand-attached with invisible thread. The silk chiffon over-sleeves are decorated with a custom-digitized silver embroidery, and further embellished with sterling silver beads.

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