This bag is one of four, which I made to display in the art show at Lunacon 2009. I wanted my bags to be functional, yet still individual pieces of art. In other words, I wanted people to notice the picture first, and the bag second. This bag is another take on the “Summer Tree Bag”, but sewn with non-traditional colors to give it an ethereal feel. The dupioni silk background represents a rain shower, with which the light gray wool used for the tree trunk contrasts nicely. I stitched the wood grain of the trunk with blue thread to tie the color scheme together. The leaves of the tree are made of iridescent silk, which was appliquéd onto a deep aqua blue wool background. Each leaf is accented with a Swarovski crystal rhinestone. The side gusset is made of the same wool as the leaves, and finished with a scrolling wave design for visual interest. All of the bias tape was made by hand, and the bag fastens with a hidden rhinestone button located under the leaves. The bag is finished with a cotton lining, which matches the aqua wool nicely.
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