This bag is one of four, which I made to display in the art show at Lunacon 2009. I wanted my bags to be functional, yet still individual pieces of art. In other words, I wanted people to notice the picture first, and the bag second. This bag represents a dragon’s hide. I individually created the scales by appliquéing iridescent silk onto green wool. There are almost 40 scales on this bag, so the process was quite laborious! The scales were then satin stitched onto a dark purple linen background. The side gusset is finished with a diamond design for added interest. All of the metallic green and gold bias tape was made by hand, and nicely coordinates with the overall color scheme. The flap is made of silk noil and dupioni silk, and represents the fiery breath of a dragon. The bag closes by means of an elastic loop under the flap, and a gemstone button that nicely matches the colors in the rest of the bag. The lining is deep red cotton, and printed with a scale design to continue the theme.
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