This costume was created for a LARPer from France. He carefully chose all of the elements for each piece of the costume, and provided me with photos and drawings of his designs and ideas. The costume included a coat, shirt, vest, waist sash, and head scarf. The coat is made of chenille upholstery fabric with an iridescent brown dupioni silk lining. The inset side panels of the coat are also made of dupioni silk, but in a contrasting gold color. The vest is made of velvet, with a cotton twill liner. The vest has functioning side seam pockets, as well as an inside breast pocket. The decorative yoke pieces on the vest are made of satin brocade. The vest is trimmed with a bronze gimp trim, as well as bronze cording at the edges. The waist sash is made of cotton homespun. I unraveled the ends of the fabric and tied decorative knots in the threads to achieve the finished look on the sash. The shirt is made of silk noil, with button cuffs. The head scarf is made of the same homespun fabric as the sash, but in a different color.
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