I gave this coat to Japanese pop star T.M.Revolution at his autograph session when he performed at Pacific Media Expo in Anaheim, CA in 2004. It took me many hours to complete, and it was a bit of an obsession when I was working on it. It’s made of cotton blend twill, with cotton inset panels and a cotton liner. The sleeves are made of 30 pieces of fabric each! The cuffs on the sleeves are alternating black and orange triangular panels, which form a full circle when open. The liner on the inside of the sleeves is orange. There are inset panels on the elbows and back, which open to reveal the orange interior when the wearer moves. All of the orange panels are decorated with orange and red Swarovski rhinestones. There are over 1200 rhinestones, all of which had to be glued on by hand! I hand-stitched the mesh fabric overlay on the collar and inside front facing to keep it in place, and applied more Swarovski rhinestones in “Crystal Volcano” color to make it sparkle. This coat was very heavy when finished- almost 10 pounds! I apologize for the poor quality photos- I did not own a digital camera when I made this coat, and I actually finished sewing it the day before I left for the convention, so all I have is a few pictures I took with my non-digital camera while in my hotel room.
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