This costume is a recreation from the 1980’s Dungeons and Dragons cartoon. My friends and I are all fans of the series, and thought it would be a lot of fun to dress as the characters at our local Renaissance Faire. I created all of the costumes, and my good friend Brian Healy created all of the props and weapons. This Eric the Cavalier costume was the most complicated of the entire group to make. I used blue metallic stretch denim to create the “scale mail” shirt and leggings. The pleated tunic is made of cotton poplin, and is worn over a plastic breastplate (created by Brian Healy) to achieve the correct shape. I made the gauntlets out of cotton poplin with a wool felt interlining, and attached them to yellow leather gloves at the wrist. The cape is made of linen, and is held in place at the shoulders by way of snaps that are located on the undersides of the shoulder discs, and on the breastplate that is worn under the tunic. There are buttonhole slits in the tunic to allow the snaps to show though. The armor and shield are made of vacuum-formed plastic, and were made by Brian Healy. The outer edge of the shield is trimmed in Livewire, which glows white at the flip of a switch!
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