I made this costume for a gigantic fan of the 1980's Dungeons and Dragons cartoon. My client wanted his costume to be very accurate to the show, so he had the metal studs for the mantle machined, and the glass gem for the necklace custom-cut by professional manufacturers. This costume consists of a linen under robe, a cotton velvet tabard, a duchess satin over robe, and a cotton velvet mantle. I custom dyed the under robe linen and the mantle velvet with the same color dye so they would match. I also custom dyed the velvet for the tabard to match the existing color of the duchess satin of the over robe. It took several dye baths to get it just right. I made all of the gold edging from a fabric that resembled gold leaf, and I made the necklace from veg-tanned leather. Since the gem that my client provided was clear, I attached a white backing onto it by running some heavy white cardstock through a sticker-maker, and then sticking it on the back of the gem.
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