Q: How long does it usually take to receive my order?

A: It usually takes between 4-8 weeks after I receive your payment. If you place a custom order, I usually require about 8 weeks, but it could be longer depending on the difficulty of the project and the materials it requires. I have no control over shipping times if I need to order supplies for your item. I always start orders as soon as possible after I receive them, but certain times of the year are busier than others. Halloween is amongst the busiest. Please place your order as early as possible if you plan on using it for a specific event. If you need your garment for a specific date, let me know when you order, and I will try my very best to get it to you in time.

Q: May I send my own fabric for my order?

A: Yes- you may send me fabric. I require a certain amount of yardage for each garment, so please contact me before you send anything. If you provide your own fabric, I will give you a discount on your garment.

Q: What percentage do I have to pay up-front on a custom order?

A: For custom orders, I require that you pay half of the total price before I begin work. I use this money to buy the materials needed for your project, and as a result, this fee is NON REFUNDABLE. You will not be reimbursed if you cancel the order for any reason. After I finish your project, I will contact you, and mail your item after I receive the remainder of your balance.

Q: Are you able to make props such as armor or weapons?

A: Sometimes. When you place a custom order, I will discuss with you all of the items that you require, and inform you if I am able to create your prop or props. If you require a large complicated prop of any kind, I may refer you to another prop maker if I feel that your prop is beyond my equipment or capability. But, it never hurts to ask me!

Q: If I want to order more than one item, do I have to fill out separate order forms, or can I combine all of the items into one order?

A: You have to order the items separately by clicking on the “order now” button next to each item, and completing the order form for each one. This is necessary because each item has several choices in color and fabric, and also requires its own unique set of measurements. However, if you order more than one item, I will give you the option of shipping them together, or separately as I finish them. For detailed instructions on ordering, please visit my How to Order page.

Q: Do you do fittings?

A: Since my clients are from all over the world, it is not feasible for me to do fittings in person. However, if you live in or around New York City or Northern New Jersey and would like to schedule a fitting for a very special item, please contact me and I will make arrangements with you. My standard charge for a fitting is $75.

Q: Will my custom order ever be featured in your gallery?

A: Probably. I try to share all of the custom work I've done, but sometimes my schedule is just too busy to update my site in a timely fashion. Also, if your order is a repeat of a costume that I've created in the past, I will probably not post it, unless it has distinguishing features that vary from the previous versions that I have made. If you do not wish me to share your custom order in my Gallery, just tell me!

Q: Why do LARP/Renaissance clothes have standard sizes, and Lolita Clothes do not?

A: Most LARP/Renaissance clothing is meant to be baggy or drape on the body, and therefore does not require custom fitting to look good. Also, LARP/Renaissance clothing often has multiple lacing points to achieve a proper fit, and may be layered or worn multiple ways according to individual tastes. On the other hand, Lolita clothing rules are more structured, and Lolita clothing looks best when it is custom-fit to individuals for a perfect silhouette. This is especially true for Lolita blouses and dresses, as well as hem lengths on skirts.

Q: Why do Lolita Clothes and LARP/Renaissance clothes have separate measurement charts?

A. Since I require specific measurements to custom-fit Lolita fashions, I have made a chart listing the required measurements at the bottom of the Lolita measurement chart. The LARP/Renaissance measurement chart displays the same information on how to measure oneself, and includes a men’s chart, as well as a standardized size chart. For custom orders, either measurement chart can be used, since the way that one measures oneself is the same with either chart. If you have a custom order, I will send you a list of required measurements.

Q: I’ve noticed that some of the fabric color swatch charts have a section at the top that says, ”Additional colors are available upon request. Please contact me for a list of the currently available colors”. Why don’t you just put these additional fabrics in the color chart?

A: Many fabrics are seasonally rotated to keep up with current fashion trends. Although I can always get basic colors of most fabrics, additional “seasonal” colors vary greatly in availability. The colors listed in my color charts are those that are always in stock from my suppliers. If you would like a color other than those listed, please contact me and I will do my best to get you what you are looking for.


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